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Meet Nordic Camel

Welcome to a fascinating world of handcrafted knitted accessories!

Each item has been created with care, skills and lots of patience.

Hope you will find here a unique gift for yourself or for your loved ones.

Our Story

It all started in early 2020, right before the pandemic time (though was not related to it) that I realized I wanted to create something beautiful and handcrafted. Knitting was my passion a while ago, so I decided to take it up to a new level creating unique accessories. This involved lots of learning new skills, inventing new patterns and designs, selecting right yarn and cozy color combinations.
In the end, I like when what I create brings people joy, smile and warmth. That’s the goal!

Who We Are

Nordic Camel is a one-person company located in Finland.

In Finland we know how to stay warm. That is why the main  focus is on creating nice-looking accessories that will warm you up, when the cold weather is there. 

Cozy products

Choose comfort and coziness! Handcrafted accessories is a great choice, if you want to stand out and feel great about your appearance.

Warm feeling

Our products are created with high-quality materials. Knitted accessories are mostly made of 75% wool fiber to give that extra warmth to its owner.

Unique design

No item is like another item. All of them are unique. Even in a series of products, each item possesses its identity due to a hand touch.

Color therapy

Colors, colors… they play an important role in our creations! We truly believe that colors may bring joy and cheer up, if chosen right for a particular person.